Our Pride - Our Alumni

Once an Ricisian, always a Ricisian. As a Ricisian you are in the league of 4,000+ successful alumni members working in top organizations across the world.

RICIS has produced leaders, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, developers, scientists, artists and managers. The RICIS Alumni Association brings all these outstanding people and their collective wealth of knowledge and experience together on a single platform.

We Connect

A connection to a Ricisian and the resources offered by the College and College Alumni is a critical part of navigating the world. RICIS is committed to connecting graduates, old and new so that they may fully utilize the College and the resources it offers.

We Give

The gift of a RICIS experience is made possible through the time, talents, and resources of the Alumni community. The college ensures student access to the finest moments they had in college through alumni meets, get-togethers and all such activities.