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Secretry's Desk

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Dubey
  • B.E (VTU), M.S, Salford University (UK)

  • Secretry RICIS Institutions

Mr. Dinesh is the serectry of RICIS. He holds a B.E degree from VTU and did his M.S from University of Salford (UK). He feels very strongly about the need to improve our educational system.


RICIS Institutions is an educational institution of distinction, combining excellence with innovation. RICIS places a high value on providing its students with a fulfilling educational experience in their chosen discipline. RICIS offers a wide range of academic courses to students, giving them a solid academic foundation and enabling them to achieve their individual goals. Extensive applied research ensures that the best and latest developments in industry, commerce and the public sectors are incorporated into our courses.

We, at RICIS, have developed the infrastructure of the college so as to provide a good environment for professional course like Management, Computer Application and others. Our students have been zealously proving their mettle in all spheres of technical and future technocrats in such a way that they prove to be a reason of pride, not only for their parents but also for this institute.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

- Malcolm X.